Mobile live casino

In recent years, live casino has become a popular casino platform. However, as technology has increased and improved, these online games have made the transition to mobile devices with the exception of live games. For a long time, these live games were not available for players on a mobile device and were only available through desktops. This greatly reduced the accessibility of live games, and was potentially reducing the number of players who could play these games.

Improved mobile devices – live casino in your phone

However, the lack of mobile live casinos was due in part to the mobile devices themselves. A lot of the devices were unable to handle the high level of processing power that would be needed in order to support a live streamed game. Soon, though, mobile manufacturers started improving their models and building phones and tablets that had larger, clearer screens with responsive displays. This meant that the demand for a mobile live casino started to grow, and gradually the providers started to respond. Therefore, it has only been a few years since providers started to create live casinos compatible with mobiles.

Now a number of providers have created excellent mobile live casinos, allowing players to access even these games whilst on the move. Players that are attempting to play these live games on a mobile device should remember that it is still important to make sure there is a good connection and internet speed, otherwise the games will still run in a more stilted and broken manner. Streaming live games can also drain the battery on a mobile device, so players should make sure to carry a charger or battery pack if out and about, as they do not want to get cut off mid game.

Leading software providers

It should also be noted that all mobile live casinos are powered by some of the leading software providers, and as such are certified as safe and following all gaming fairness rules as well as regulations, making them just as safe and secure as their desktop counterparts.

How to choose the right mobile live casino

As mobile devices have got better and the live casino has made its way onto this platform, more and more providers are joining the fray. This means that once again there are a large number of options a player can choose from. This can be disconcerting, especially for a new player as they may be unsure as to what makes a great live mobile casino.

What you should look for

There are a few things that players should look for when picking a mobile live casino:

  1. Firstly, it can be important to check which bonuses are on offer. These may be similar to those on the corresponding desktop version of the live casino, but it is nevertheless important to check. Bonuses can range from a small cash deposit for free through to a matching bonus after a first deposit by the player has been made.
  2. With transactions in mind, it is also important to check what the deposit and withdrawal options are on the mobile version. The mobile site may also offer mobile payments through the service provider, which can also be a bonus.
  3. Security is also important and must be checked prior to jumping into a new site. If the site is affiliated with a desktop casino, it can be almost guaranteed to be operating under the same security protocols. It is still important to make sure that this is in fact the case, though. Check for licensing and make sure that there are well known providers for both games and transactions in place.
  4. Finally, there are the games themselves. Since live mobile casinos are relatively new, it is important to see which games are offered from which site. Even with regular mobile casino games, not all are offered on the mobile device and the same is true for the live games. Players should take it upon themselves to make sure the game they wish to play is actually available on the mobile version of the site before signing up and then potentially being disappointed.

How to install live casino software

When it comes to the live mobile casino software, most is easy to download and use. For the most part, this will come in the form of an app, which simply needs to be downloaded to the phone. This can either be found in an app store or downloaded directly from the desktop version of the site. Usually these apps do not take up much more than 100mb of space. The download time will vary, depending on each individual’s Internet speed and connection quality.

Alternatively, in many cases, players can simply open the browser version of the live casino on their mobile device and access it in that way instead. Again, though, it is still important to have a good Internet connection in order to have a smooth streaming feed and to be able to enjoy uninterrupted play.


Most of these mobile apps have been developed by the top software providers and as such utilize HTML5 software programming, making them compatible with any device. It also means that the quality of the games is not lost when it is transitioned over to the small screen. However, it is important to note that usually the games are not quite as high quality as those on a desktop simply because the mobile device may not be able to handle it. With this in mind, it is important that the players make sure to update their operating system and keep it at the latest update as well as updating the app when prompted to. This will ensure that the high level of game play is continually maintained.

Mobile live casinos are a relatively new thing in the world of online gaming. With this in mind there is still plenty of time for this application to improve. Soon it is more than likely that all the games will be fully available anywhere, anytime on any device.