Three Card Poker is yet another poker variant. This version however can be distinguished by being the most profitable table game in the world when it is measured by how much wins it generates for the casino itself. The game was invented in 1994 by Derek Webb. His goal was to create a game that still retained the essential excitement of poker but also could be played at a faster speed similar to many of the other popular casino card games. He kept three factors as the most important rules – the game had to be easy to understand, the payouts would be large in order to provide incentive for new players, and the house edge should be high enough so that the casinos would be interested in hosting the game. Once these factors were in place, Webb then set up a company in order to market the game around the world – particularly in the UK and the USA. It was first suggested that he go to the US, as the UK had a lot of restrictions in place for this type of game and his application was not good enough at the time to persuade regulators to change their minds.

The game was finally adopted in Mississippi after Webb had met with repeated failure in Atlantic City, Las Vegas and Reno. The deal was finally agreed when Webb acknowledged that he would train the dealers with no extra cost to the casino. During the first iteration of the game, Webb himself would stand with the dealers at the tables ensuring that the game was played correctly bringing in the players and aiding the dealers with the rules.

The game continued to grow, albeit slowly until rules changed in the UK. In 2002 Three Card Poker was finally accepted onto their market. At this point, technology had increased to such a point that the game was able to make the transition online, and soon to the live casino as well. It is still not as commonly found as other poker variants, but its speedy play and simple rules has ensured that there is most definitely a place for it.

How to play live Three Card Poker

Firstly, players need to find an online casino that offers Three Card Poker, then sign up and register for an account. The process is a simple one as long as the player is over eighteen and has a valid email and home address. Once activated, the player can then deposit cash money into their account and head over to the live casino lobby to select their game.

Once in the game, players will be faced with a live screen complete with a table and a dealer. There are virtual prompts on the screen that indicate that it is time to place bets – these prompts will also come up throughout the game for indicating what the player wishes to do i.e. fold, call, hit etc. The dealer usually will talk directly to the player, with the player able to communicate back via a live chat function. The video feed is all live and covers a few angles of the table enabling the player to see all parts of the action including the shuffle, new cards and the deal.

The actual gameplay is the same as it would be in a land based casino. The player will place an ante prior to the cards being dealt. Each player and the dealer receive three cards with the dealer’s cards being face down and the player’s cards face up. The player can look at their cards and decide whether or not to make a play bet, which needs to be the same as their ante, otherwise they can fold thus losing their ante. If the player chooses to go forward, it becomes a head-to-head between the dealer and the player as to whose hand has a higher value. At this point the dealer reveals their cards. In order to remain in the game, the dealer must have a Queen high to play. If the dealer cannot join the game then the Play bet is pushed and the Ante is paid out 1:1. However, if the dealer does qualify, then the two hands are compared with the higher hand winning. Any winnings the player may make will be credited instantly to their online casino account.

Live Three card poker bonus

In live Three Card Poker, there are a number of bonuses players can receive. These are the Pair Plus Bonus and also the 6 Card Bonus bet, both separate to the Ante and Play bets. These bonus bets will pay out simply based on the value of the player’s hand rather than on who won and who lost. It is important to note that these bonus bets must be made at the start of the game at the same time that the Ante bet is made. These bonus bets are entirely optional, however, and it should be noted that not all casinos will offer them, though if they are available the dealer will mention it when conversing with the player at the start of each round.

The Pair Plus bet can be rather lucrative and the objective here is for the player to have a pair or better. If this is achieved they will still win the Pair Plus bonus regardless if they lose overall against the dealer’s hand. What the player holds in their hand will determine the amount that is paid out, with a pair paying out at just 1 to 1, three of a kind at 30 to 1 and a mini royal at 100 to 1.

The optional 6 Card Bonus bet entails the player attempting to make the best five card hand possible out of all six cards – the player’s three and the dealer’s three. This will only pay out on three of a kind or higher, with the three of a kind paying the lowest amount at 7 to 1 whilst a Royal Flush will pay 1000 to 1.

These additional betting options serve to make this fast playing game even more exciting as there are more winning opportunities and ways to make one’s money back.