Blackjack has long been a favourite casino card game. One of the oldest gambling games in the world, blackjack is seen as a fun and relatively straightforward betting card game with almost as much luck involved as there is strategy.

For many years players could only play blackjack in a real casino until technology improved and the game made the jump across to online sites. These virtual blackjack games were highly popular as they enabled players from all over the world to play this game from the comfort of their own home. However, the advancement of the game did not stop there, as soon there were to be live casinos offering live versions of the game as well.

These live games incorporated the best of both the land based casino and the online casinos in a perfect blend. Utilizing the online platform, the game is now available to almost anyone, anywhere at any time. Live blackjack allows players to essentially play as if they were in a real casino, conversing with the players, dealer and interacting on a whole different level, previously unavailable at online casinos.

How to play live blackjack

To start playing live blackjack, players first need to choose an online casino. There are many casinos to choose from, so it is important that players pick one that is safe, secure and offers the right games.

  1. It is advisable that players check out a number of casinos in order to compare them and receive the best offers.
  2. Reputable casinos will be licensed, something that players should check before signing up.
  3. Additionally, players should make sure that the specific game they wish to play is available, as not all casinos offer the same game selections.

Once the casino has been chosen, it is time for the player to make an account. Most casinos will only require an email, home address and password for signing up, though all require the player to be at least eighteen years old.

Upon filling out the registration form, the account will get activated, whence the player can start depositing money and then playing.

A cash deposit will be necessary to play any of the live casino games as these offerings, due to their very nature, cannot be played in demo mode.

Live blackjack variations

After a deposit has been made, the player can head over to the live casino game selection. Blackjack games tend to come in a wide number of different versions and also with different bet levels as well. Players should select which game suits their playing style and also their budget.

After selecting the table they wish to play at, the player will then be taken to the opening screen for the game. This is an amalgamation of both a virtual game and the live game. At the bottom of the screen will be the virtual chips, which can be used in the same way as in a virtual game and allows the player to make their betting choices. There is also a chat function here, which can be used to communicate with both the dealer to inform them of gaming choices and also with other players.

The dealer will announce when betting is closed and the game will then commence. With each round of play, the player can speak directly to the dealer to inform them of their gaming choices i.e. whether they stand or hit. This brings in a much more realistic casino atmosphere to the game.

After the round has finished, the dealer will announce the winners and losers. A winning player will find the money is credited instantly to their online casino account whilst a losing player will see that the opposite occurs.

Players can keep abreast of all the moves within the game as the entire event is constantly filmed by multiple high-quality cameras. The feed is then streamed, and players will see it instantly via their device enabling them to make real-time decisions throughout the gameplay.

Keep in mind

With this in mind it is important that players have a good Wi-Fi connection in order to ensure smooth feeds and an uninterrupted gameplay. As the main point of the live blackjack is to immerse the player into the casino atmosphere, this is rather important in order to not break the illusion.

What’s so good about live blackjack

Live blackjack has a large number of positives for players. Probably the number one thing about live blackjack is the ability to socialize – not only with the dealer, but with other players too.

For virtual blackjack games, the game is a rather lonely one with players simply playing the game alone and in relatively quick time. In the live setting, however, players can take time with their decisions and also converse with the dealer whilst doing so, which is a major part of the casino feeling.

The live environment is also conducive to learning more about the game. As players can converse with each other, they can also watch how other players play the game as well. This can help new players learn strategies and techniques that they otherwise would not pick up while playing alone against a computer.

Random number generators vs human nature

The game is also fully transparent when it is a live game. Virtual games are run using random number generators, which are all regularly checked if the casino is being run properly. This means that there is no chance for these generators to create games that are biased in any way.

However, despite this, many people find it hard to trust a game run solely by a computer program and prefer to play a game operated by a human, where they can see the shuffle and the deal for themselves. Ironically, a human dealt game is more likely to suffer errors as this is simple human nature, though these errors can play into the hands of the players rather than that of the casino.

At the end of the day, live blackjack games provide a new and exciting way to experience this game.