Baccarat is the name for a popular casino card game of which there are three main variants. These are Punto banco, Baccarat banque and Chemin de fer. The main format of this game is the same, but each variant offers the player slightly different rules when it comes to the play and the betting.

Punto Banco

For example, when playing Punto banco, all the moves a player can make are determined on what specific cards each player has been dealt, whilst in the latter two baccarat options the player is able to make their own choices within the game.

Whatever the game, though, the winning odds favour the house rather than the player. As with blackjack, this game is played solely between the player and the dealer, which is why it made the transition to online virtual games so well.

These virtual games saw the player face off against a computer with no need for there to be another person present. However, with the arrival of live games it became possible for players to experience baccarat as it should be in a casino environment.

How to play live baccarat

To play baccarat live, players first need to find a casino that offers the game. There are a number of casinos that do have live baccarat, but it is still not one of the popular casino games for this platform and hence, it is often unavailable.

  1. When looking for a casino that offers it, it is also important that players make note of whether the casino is licensed, as well as what game providers and monetary companies they use. All of these factors can have a bearing on whether the casino is safe and secure or not.
  2. The next stage is for the player to register an account. This is usually a straightforward process requiring just an email, name, home address and password, with other details being provided later on. All casinos, however, do require that the player be over the age of eighteen.
  3. After the account has been activated, will the players be able to deposit money into it. This needs to be done in order to play any of the live games, as the live games cannot be played in demo mode. Players then simply need to head to the live casino section and select the games that they wish to play.

Baccarat variations

There tends to be fewer options when it comes to live baccarat, with the most common version being Punto banco, which comes in either a single player or multi seat game. Depending on the casino, there can be a number of different versions available, but this is entirely dependent on the individual casino – meaning that if players wish to have different versions of baccarat, they will need to look around to find a casino that caters to that need. Each casino will have an outline of the rules that come along with that specific game in order to help out new players learn the games.

At the Baccarat table

Once at the table for the baccarat game the player wishes to play, they will be presented by a live video stream showing a baccarat table complete with a live dealer. At the bottom of their screen there will be a virtual section that will include the chips and bet limits.

This is where the player can select what bets they would like to make and how much. In addition, it is here that all the functions controlling the various aspects of the live game reside, such as volume, brightness and of course the live chat function.

Baccarat is only played between the dealer and the player, so whilst there may be other players at the table, their cards will not interfere with the individual player’s moves. Bets for baccarat are simple and are either betting that the banker will win, the player will win or there will be a tie. Due to the chat function, players can inform the dealer directly of their desired method of play.

All gameplay can be witnessed by the player as the video is streamed live. They are also able to observe what other players are doing and even interact with them as well, making this a much more authentic casino experience.

The difference between live baccarat and online baccarat

There are a number of significant differences between live and online baccarat. The most notable one is of course that the live version is played against a real person. Online baccarat is played against a computer or random number generator which, by a series of algorithms, determines that given shuffle and deal of the cards. These programs undergo rigorous third-party tests to ensure that there is no bias within the games, and go a long way to demonstrate the security and trustworthiness of a casino.

With real dealers presenting the live games, there is an element of human error – many players prefer this, as often it can swing in their favour. In addition to this, the game is transparent. Players can see the entire shuffling and dealing process.

Baccarat Squeeze, Progressive Baccarat and Super 6 Baccarat

For both live and online baccarat, there are a number of different variants available. The online version does tend to offer a wider range of options in comparison to its live counterpart, but in the recent months the baccarat live library has now expanded. Hence, there are versions of baccarat squeeze, progressive baccarat and also super 6 baccarat as well.

A huge difference between the two options is that the live versions also offer players the chance to choose their dealers. There are usually a number of different dealer options available – again this will depend on the casino that the player is a part of, but this adds to the genuine casino feel that is so popular with live games.

Even though the rules are simple, many people still don’t truly know how to play baccarat. The live games can help players through this as they will provide detailed rules, since players can watch others at play, and the easiest solution of all – newcomers can actually converse with the dealer themselves.

Slowly becoming more popular in this gaming platform, baccarat and its many variants is here to stay.