Live games

Live casinos are becoming much more popular as technology improves. The ability to experience the atmosphere and excitement of a real casino from the comfort of one’s own home is an alluring one. As technology improves, so too do these live casinos with more and more games being added to their repertoires.

Variations of popular casino games

The number and variety of the games available used to be somewhat limited with casinos really only offering blackjack and roulette on a regular basis. Now though, with the increase in both technology and popularity, live casinos are branching out and offering a larger number of games each with different variants. These days’ players can be expected to find not only Blackjack and Roulette but also Baccarat, Three Card poker, Texas Hold’em and Casino Hold’em.

Live casino – a social atmosphere

The live environment is continuing to prove popular for a number of reasons. As previously mentioned, players can access these games without having to ever leave their house. In addition to this there is a much better social atmosphere. Players that simply play web-based games are essentially alone.

Random number generators

The game runs on random number generators that create the results and even if there are a number of people playing the same game, this occurs unknown to each other essentially making the game a single player one. With the live games this is completely different.

Live games build a social atmosphere with the player not only able to talk to the dealer directly but also converse with the other players. The game being live, the other players are right there alongside. This ability to communicate enhances the game by bringing a much more authentic casino feel to the game.

There is also the significant difference between live and online games in the fact that the live game has an actual human dealer presiding over the game as a whole. Online games are operated by random number generators, which undergo strict checks from third party auditors to ensure gaming fairness.

In fact, these RNGs are more likely to operate in a totally unbiased way as compared to a human dealer. However, for many people part of the fun of a live game is also based in the fact that there is human error, which can on occasion play in favour of the player rather than the casino.

The ability to choose

Live games also give the player a chance to choose against whom they play. Most live casinos will offer a variety of tables with different dealers present allowing players to choose who they play against. Online virtual games give no such choice as the player is simply up against a machine.

How to get started playing live games

There are a few steps required for players who want to play live games. The first step is choosing a casino that offers this type of casino games.

Game options, promotions and bonuses…and security!

To choose the best live casino players should look at the game options available, the promotions and bonuses that are offered and also the security and trustworthiness of the casino as a whole.

Once the casino has been selected, it is time for the player to create an account. Creating and registering for an account is easy, as most simply need a date of birth, email and password.

Some accounts will also ask the player to provide their home address as well as their preferred currency. It should be noted that players will need to be over the age of eighteen in order to participate in an online casino of any type.


Once the account has been registered, it is time for the player to deposit some real cash money into their account. To do this, players simply need to head to the deposit section of their account and choose a transfer method. Most casinos will offer a wide variety of options so it is easy for the players to choose a method that suits them. Once money has transferred into their account it is time to start playing.

Live casino link

Most casinos have their game sorted in clear fashion so it is easy for players to simply click on the live casino link. Once at the live casino area, most are set up in a type of foyer format with a long list of all the games.

Usually these games are gathered together in groupings of the same game but just the different variants. It is then easy for players to scroll through the list and find a game that suits both their need and budget.

Many of the larger live casinos will not only offer a number of different game variants, but also have the same games offered with different minimum and maximum bets. This means that players can find tables that suit their budget and skill level as well. On rare occasions tables might be full but this does not often happen, as there are so many options available.

Live chat with your dealer

Once at a table, game play is the same as at a regular casino. Players place their bets, communicate their desires to the dealer and the game will proceed. All questions that a player has can be directed straight to the dealer, who can answer all of these in order to help out the player. This helps the player as they don’t need to go through the help centre featured on a casino site, but are able to ask directly – therefore not slowing down the game.

What is required in order to play live games

There are a number of pieces of equipment that will be needed prior to beginning to play any live game.

Good internet connection

First of all, the player will need a good Internet connection and a device which can connect. A good Internet connection is essential for live games, as the video streams can be data heavy – especially if the player is using the high-quality feeds. It is important to the enjoyment of the game for the player to receive smooth and uninterrupted game play while enjoying a live casino game.

Mac and PC

Of course, it is also important to have a good device to connect. For the most part players tend to use a computer – either a desktop or a laptop – as these make the most comfortable way to view the game. The screen can be viewed in full, displaying the game clearly for the player.

Most casinos are compatible with all commonly used browsers and operating systems, meaning that both Mac and PC users should have no trouble accessing the games.

If a player is having trouble and experiencing stuttering feeds, this could either be due to a poor Internet connection or a browser that does not fully support the live casino software. In this case simply using a different browser to log into the casino account may resolve these issues.

Mobile devices – Android and iOS

In more recent times, technology has improved to the extent that live games can also be accessed via mobile devices. Not all live casinos have this option just yet, so if this is important for players then it is appropriate for them to join a casino that does offer this option.

If a player is playing on a mobile, it is recommended to access the games via either 4G or a land based Internet connection. Many casinos do state that 3G is enough, but this can result in choppy games that are not conducive to fluid play.

Most of the mobile interfaces are now set up to mirror exactly that of the desktop so there should be no confusion for any player transitioning between the two options. For the most part, if a live casino offers a mobile option, this is perfectly compatible with both iOS and Android users. It should be noted though that not necessarily all games are accessible on the mobile version of a casino.

Do you have the right gear?

It can also be prudent for players to invest in a decent headset and microphone with which they can talk to both the dealer and other players with ease. Not being able to communicate will be highly detrimental to the player’s game.

Keep in mind

  1. Other areas to bear in mind are how to play at the casino. Players should make a bank roll and stick to it, never betting more than they can afford.
  2. It is also a good idea for players to know when they need to quit, and also to not chase any of their losses.
  3. A very big aspect in live casinos, is the live casino etiquette. Players that do not visit a land based casino often and spend most of their time playing virtual casino games may not understand all the specific rules that come attached to playing live. It is therefore important that new players acquaint themselves with these rules to avoid offending someone and potentially getting thrown out of the casino in general. For the most part, the rules are simple. There should be no abuse to the dealer, and any form of disruption is frowned upon. Players can talk to the dealer about other things other than the game at hand but there are certain topics to be avoided. Usually a player will get a warning but repeated offenders will be removed from the casino entirely.

Security and Fair play

It is very important that players check the trustworthiness of a casino before leaping in and playing there. The online casino world is not fully regulated as yet, which means that there are still a number of fraudulent sites around. It behooves a new player to check out all aspects of the casino to ensure they are playing somewhere reputable.

Do they have a license?

The first thing to check when looking at a new casino is whether the casino is licensed. Most casinos are licensed by an authority body under whose jurisdiction the casino resides. These authority bodies have strict rules and regulations, which the casino has to adhere to in order to remain with a license. These include things such as gaming fairness, which is in the player’s best interest.

Licensed casinos are required to undergo regular third-party audits to ensure that the random number generators for their virtual games are running smoothly but also that the live games are operating well.

For this latter gaming fairness to take place, there are often inspectors who will visit the studios and watch how the pit bosses and the dealers work. In addition, any dealer in a live casino has to undergo a long training process to ensure that they are fully competent in all aspects of the game they are running.

Gaming fairness is also linked to the providers that are used by the casino as there are a number of well-known providers that are known to operate with high standards.

SSL encryption

Further regulations require that all the client data is protected from falling into the hands of third parties. This is usually done by having an SSL encryption protocol in place, which prevents unwanted groups from gaining access. Live casinos also tend to have strong firewalls to prevent any hackers or viruses from entering into the site.

Banking methods

Another area that players can check is the banking methods offered by the casino. Reputable casinos will offer transactions via well-known providers, for example PayPal and Visa. Having such recognizable companies operating the monetary transactions does go a long way in providing a sense of security for the players. It is also known that these companies operate fast and safe, which then adds to the sense of security in relation to the casino as well.

For the most part, playing at a live casino is a relatively straightforward process provided that players abide by the rules that are set out by the casino. The live games are improving at a rapid pace, the platform is expanding and the live casino games can be accessed almost anywhere.

Live games bring the thrill and excitement of a real land based casino directly to the home, and with mobile devices now in the mix it is possible to enjoy a casino atmosphere not matter where the player is travelling.