NetEnt has been around for a long time and is well established in a number of different casino game genres. They are in fact one of the most searched for software companies in the industry. It is easy to see why, as they offer innovative designs in everything they do all wrapped in a sophisticated finish. The comprehensive selection of games all comes with a wide variety of bonuses and special features, all of which enhance the overall experience.

NetEnt Game Portfolio

NetEnt does not focus primarily on live games, but rather has an all-encompassing game portfolio. However, in recent years with the rise in interest for live games, NetEnt has truly stepped up and is one of the frontrunners when it comes to good live games.

Their library is still smaller than, say, Evolution Gaming, but nevertheless they offer players a number of variants in the popular standard games such as Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette.

There are a few other games such as Red Dog available as well, though titles are getting added all the time as the software and studio platform continues to grow. The studios are well presented and the dealers are friendly and communicate well – in some instances even joking with the players and having conversations outside that of the game.

NetEnt slots

However, it is in the slots that NetEnt truly comes into its own, as it offers over two hundred different games encompassing a wide range of themes. Each is individually designed, with clear emphasis on providing a better game for the players themselves.

NetEnt’s software is also compatible with other gaming software meaning that a casino can run with NetEnt games in addition to another software’s products as well. This serves the casino well as it means they are able to offer a wider range of games than would be possible if using just one provider.

Flash platform

Originally the software was based on a Java platform, which was still easy to run, but in recent years the company has now upgraded to run their software on Flash. With this in mind, all players need in order to access their games, have an updated version of Flash on whichever device they may be using.

NetEnt offers instant play games in all their different areas, which allows players to access them without having to download any software. This means that the games can load faster and take up less memory space on devices than would occur with a download program.

All games are designed with a number of concepts in mind with the priorities being usability and whether the game is user friendly. It is in regard to these two key components that NetEnt has in part become such a sort after brand.


As with many of the top-level suppliers, NetEnt has a strict set of security features in place. In fact, they are so good as to be almost the benchmark against which the other companies are measured. NetEnt uses the latest data encryption technology, thus ensuring that all client data that is provided is unable to fall into third party hands.

The software itself is also regularly audited by not one, but two third party auditors ensuring that gaming fairness is adhered to and serving to create a safe and trustworthy environment for players to enjoy.

The history of NetEnt

Originally known as Net Entertainment, the company was founded in Sweden in 1996 and was one of the very first providers of online casino games as a whole. Having come from such an early time, NetEnt has been able to grow and adapt with the industry as it progressed, and because it has done so with such grace, NetEnt has become known as one of the more important game developers in the industry.

Then and now

The beginnings of NetEnt go even further back then 1996. The forefathers actually had a gambling company in the 60s that went on to becoming one of the world’s first casinos, Cherry. It was the sons of these men that were to move forward and found NetEnt thus taking the legacy, expertise and knowledge further into the future of online gaming.

With a primary focus of developing games, specifically catering to the needs and wants of both player and casino, NetEnt has simply got better and better.

NetEnt Touch

Throughout the years, the company has constantly improved and adapted the way it came at the gaming industry but it was until 2011 that the company made serious inroads into the mobile casino platform. With this type of play becoming so popular and technology improving so much that it can supply these types of games, it became a necessary part of the company to address.

This platform was labeled NetEnt Touch and provided complete compatibility to its players across both Android and iOS devices. The platform can be fully integrated with any games being run on a desktop, allowing players to interchange between both platforms with the same account.

It should be noted that rather than Flash, the mobile version is based on HTML5 software. By 2016, in a short space of time, NetEnt was seeing 40% of their revenues being made from their mobile casino platform.

NetEnt Live Casino

In 2013 NetEnt launched their live casino. These games all hold the same attention to detail and high levels of professionalism that is seen elsewhere throughout their work. Their live game library is constantly growing, and NetEnt even offers some of the less common games as part of their repertoire.

Even with all the change and new suppliers appearing on the market, NetEnt still remains a formidable presence in the industry and has clearly cemented its place in terms of their innovative and interesting games no matter what the gaming genre.

One of the most forward thinking of the software companies out there, NetEnt goes ever forward in search of creating the best games at the highest levels. Its ease of use and customer oriented approach do not serve at the detriment of quality which is why this company is still able to produce successful game after successful game.