Live casino suppliers

There are many different suppliers available for online casinos, and each brings their own unique spin to the games that are available. With so many options available, suppliers are all vying with one another in order to prove that they are the best at what they do.

Almost all online casinos have a live casino section, which means that there are plenty of places that will require software, though this does not stop suppliers from attempting to become the best in the live casino game industry. After all, this competition only serves to push the software and the subsequent games to greater heights.

1990s to now

There are a number of suppliers that have been around since the very beginnings of the online casino platform in the early 1990s. These suppliers have been able to grow and adapt basing their games on years of knowledge, tailoring them to both what the players and the casinos want.

In recent years there have been newer suppliers coming into play, and these companies are now vying with the older ones at a level where technology is already high.

How to choose the right live casino supplier

There are a number of things to bear in mind when choosing which live casino supplier is the best. This is something that both a casino player and a potential casino owner should know, as it will influence a number of decisions further down the line.

Game library

Firstly, it is important to examine the provider’s game library or portfolio. Each provider will have a number of standard games, particularly when it comes to the live casino games, as this area is still not as broad as other gaming genres. The standard games for live casino are: Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack.

Some suppliers will move on up from that and provide other game options that aren’t as easily found online. These can include games such as Sic Bo, Casino Hold’em or Texas Hold’em.

Dual Player games

In addition, some suppliers will provide a larger number of in-game variants as well. For example, instead of just offering one type of roulette, a supplier might have European, French, American, Double Ball and Dual Player games – all of which serve to give the player a much wider range of choice. Following on from this, a supplier that can offer a larger number of high quality tables will allow more players to play at any one time, thus reducing any potential wait time for players.

High quality feed

As these games are live, it is also important that the studio and the video feed are of high quality. Good suppliers will have well decorated rooms, attractive dealers and a true casino ambience. In some instances, some live casino providers go one step further to bring the casino atmosphere into the home by actually filming tables set in an actual casino rather than a studio.

It is also important that the suppliers use the very best equipment. The main aspect of live games is the video feed, therefore it is important that it runs smoothly and in detail. It is also a good idea to have multiple camera angles that can allow players to get even further into the thick of the action, fully immersing them into the experience.

Mobile compatibility?

Another area that has, in recent times, become more important is that of mobile compatibility. In the first instances of live casinos coming online, they were exclusively available on desktops only. Virtual games could be found on mobiles, but not the live ones. However, it is becoming more and more apparent that players like being able to access these games from their mobile devices, so that they can play no matter where they are.

Most players who travel a lot are unable to take a desktop/laptop device around with them, therefore it is important that they can use a mobile device instead. Some but not all providers are now offering live games on a mobile, so it is a good idea to look for providers who are working towards this goal.

Languages and currencies

Language and the currencies offered are also important factors. Every live casino does offer dealers who speak in English but there are some providers who go above and beyond and will offer dealers and games in a variety of different languages as well. This can help draw in a wider range of players, and makes the atmosphere even more realistic for those who come from other countries.

In addition, these players being able to play in their own currency or at least one that they prefer, will also greatly enhance their playing experience and overall enjoyment of the games. Many players will now specifically look for live casinos that offer their own language or currency as part of their casino criteria.

Payment options

Lastly there is the aspect of payments. This is probably the most important, as players are always concerned that they might be depositing money into a fraudulent casino. It is necessary that the casino and provider are able to offer a wide range of payment options.

Live games can only be played if the player has real money deposited in their account, these cannot be played as demo games. If the payment methods are not secure or do not encompass a wider range of people, then some players will be unable to access the games at all.

Even if there are a number of payment options provided, players should also make sure that there are good security measures in place, check the fees that may be attached to specific payment types, and also see how long payments take to process.

At the end of the day, live casino suppliers are very much in tune with the needs of both players and the casinos. if they are to succeed in the industry, they need to be able to provide excellent, well running games that play to their strengths and offer the live and immersive casino experience that the players are coming to enjoy.