Live casino dealers

Live casinos are becoming all the rage at online casinos. They provide a much more realistic atmosphere and can help players engage in the game in a much more thrilling way than simply playing against a computer. With the improvement in technology, these live games are increasing in popularity, and with them the experiences that is provided to the players.

High roller rooms and VIP games

Many casinos only offered standard games at the start with rather basic furnishings and average dealers. However, as popularity has risen, these live games are seeing upgrades on a rapid basis. Now, there are high roller rooms, VIP games and much more – all of which offer a significantly higher quality experience to the player.

Of course, one of the most important components in these live games are the live dealers themselves. It is these that we shall focus on.

The Dealers

The dealers are the true centre of the live game experience. As with a land-based casino, there is a certain expectation to the way the dealers act in a live casino. All the dealers are trained through long and extensive programs prior to being able to perform on a live feed. This is much in the same way that dealers are trained in regular casinos. This is an important part of providing an exemplary service to customers, as it is important that the dealer knows all the rules inside and out for the game. They need to remain professional and knowledgeable at all times.

Pit bosses

Even when the dealer has been fully trained, there are pit bosses within the studio that will watch the dealers and make sure that things are running smoothly. Some casinos even have check-ups for their dealers every few months.

Most dealers are trained for one specific game, and they will then stick to that game for an extended period of time. Later, they may train and transition to another game.

Professional and correct

Dealers are expected to be professional and correct with all their card handling skills. That is not to say that mistakes aren’t made, as there is always the possibility of human error. There have been instances of live dealers fudging the cards even though there are pit bosses and numerous cameras trained on them, but these instances are few and far between.


At all times, the dealer must remain approachable yet professional. It is important that they have a friendly demeanour and are also chatty in their conversations. They need to be able to provide information to the players in a clear and concise manner. Often, they will be speaking to players from a number of different countries.

In this case the usual language spoken is English and it is therefore important that the dealer’s accent is clear, easy to understand and that they do not speak too fast. In some cases, a live dealer may be required to speak another language – this will depend on each individual casino and what it is that they offer.

Most of the live dealers are women, and they tend to be attractive ones. There are men around in the industry, but it is not as common. These women are usually very attractive and it should be noted that they are not above using this to their advantage to distract players from the game. In this vein, conversation with the dealers is perfectly allowed.

Forbidden topics

The topics do not have to just be about the game at hand but can cover other areas as well, much as would occur in other casinos. However, there are certain topics that the dealer will be unable to talk about such as politics and religion. Of course, it is not possible to know all the forbidden topics prior to starting the game, but once informed it is the player’s duty to not bring them up again.

Please note

Repeated attempts at trying to engage the dealer in inappropriate talk will result in the player being banned from the casino.

Find the right live dealer for you

Live casinos offer a large number of different tables that the player can choose from. Each game will have a different dealer, though these dealers will rotate throughout the day. However, it is possible to choose the dealer against whom you wish to play.

The perk of the game

There are many criteria available that players can choose from, the most obvious one being their sex. Most of the live dealers are female for one simple reason – they are attractive and enticing for male players.

For many gamblers, part of the enjoyment in the game is to be dealt by an attractive woman. It is considered to be a perk of the game, and the ability to converse with them is also a lure. Players should be aware, though, that these dealers, while appearing helpful, will use their obvious charms to distract players from focusing entirely on the game.


Players can also pick a dealer based on their ethnicity. Many live casinos set up their studios in various parts of the world and employ dealers from that area. For example, Playtech has a studio set up in the Philippines so if players would like to play in an Asian environment then it makes sense to find a casino that streams games from this studio. Other studios stream out of Europe and can provide an eclectic mix of dealers with all kinds of hair colour and skin tones.

Live dealers and their personality

A dealer can also have an outgoing personality. For many players, they will simply join the first game they come over when they begin to play, and may just get lucky with the dealer. Some dealers are more chatty and interactive than others.

Playing in a few different games and at varying tables will help a player see the options that are available to them. As mentioned before, the dealers tend to stay at the same table, so once a player has found a dealer that they like, they can return again and again.

Many dealers will likewise come to know the players, which will further enhance the game environment, as there will now be recognition and a higher level of friendliness from the dealer.