Bet on live casino

Live casinos have sprung into being in recent years due in part to the improvement of technology. Live casinos are run online alongside regular online casinos, though they also work in conjunction with a real land based one as well. Essentially, a room or studio is set up with a real table and a real dealer and dressed to look like a real casino room.

The room is covered with a number of cameras – from wide angle to close up options – in order to catch all the action that takes place. Players can log in to their online casino account and join in with a live game where they will interact directly with the dealer through a live chat function and the aforementioned instant video streams.

The game plays out in the same way that it would in a real casino, with players placing their bets and the dealer ensuring that the game runs smoothly.

Gameplay – click and select bets

Much of the gameplay from the players end is operated in the same manner when using a virtual game.

The player will view a screen through which they can click and select their bets. These will be transferred to the dealer so they know who has placed what bets. As with other online casino games, the player simply needs to have money deposited in their account with which to play.

If a player wins, the amount is added instantly to their online casino account in the same way it is done throughout the rest of the online casino. In the same way, bets placed and lost will be removed from the players account instantly as well.

The game being played will dictate how much interaction the player will need to have with the dealer. The choice, however, is up to the player, and as long as they stick within regulated and allowed topics of conversation, the player doesn’t even have to be discussing the game when conversing with the dealer.

Codes of conduct

It should be noted that failure to abide by conversation rules can result in a player being banned from the casino. As with a real casino, live casinos have codes of conduct in place.

How to choose the right live casino

There are many live casinos available online and as such this means that it is important for players to pick the right one. One of the first things to check is whether the casino has a good reputation. This can be found out from a number of different sources.

Check casino license

The initial check, however, should be in seeing whether the casino has a license. A live casino is still an online casino and therefore needs to be licensed under an authority body, as this means the casino has to operate under specific rules and regulations, which make it safer for players. Additionally, it can be important to check who the gaming provider is that offers the live casino, as different vendors have varying levels of trustworthiness.

There are also many sites that outline the pros and cons of different casinos, many of these reviews are written by players themselves and will give the newcomer a good idea of what to expect.


Following on from the aspect of trust is the element of security. Players are about to hand over potentially significant amounts of money to a casino, and they need to know that the money will be in safe hands. Checking which monetary providers the casino uses will go a long way in alleviating any worries.

Well-known companies such as PayPal, Skrill or Visa will ensure that transactions are made in a safe and efficient manner. In conjunction with this, players should check to see whether there are any data protection protocols in place.

Most casinos will operate a firewall with an encryption in place to prevent third parties from accessing any private client data that is provided. Certificates to this effect are usually found on the main page of the casino.

It is also important to check out the game selection available. The best casinos will offer a good variety of games each with a number of different variants. This will largely depend on the game providers, so it is important to check who is supplying the games as well.

Bonuses – wagering requirement

The last areas to check are the bonuses and wagering requirements. Many casinos offer bonuses, promotions or loyalty programs as incentives to keep players at their casino. With this in mind it is worth players taking the time to look at the different options the casinos have on offer.

Some will offer excellent welcome bonuses but might skimp later on in the loyalty programs and vice versa. In addition, all casinos have wagering requirements that are attached to their bonuses.

These can be as little as wagering the bonus 2 times or as much as 50 times. This will make a great impact on whether these bonuses are viable options when it comes to making a small winning out of them.

How live casinos differ from online casinos

There are a number of significant differences between live casinos and regular online casinos. Firstly, virtual games are run using random number generators (RNGs), which will determine the outcome of the individual game. These are checked regularly to ensure gaming fairness is being observed and for the most part do run well.

A live casino on the other hand is operated by a real dealer in the same way that a land-based casino is operated. This means that any mistakes are the fault of the dealer and players can actually see what is being done in terms of the deal, shuffle, ball drop etc.

Another difference is that in a live casino, the player can actually choose the dealer. Different tables will always be on offer and dealers will change, but players can log in and then decide which one they would like to play with, in the same way that they would in a real casino. For virtual games, this is impossible.

Another point in favour of the live casino is that players will be playing against other players. Live casinos allow players to converse with each other, interacting in the same way that they would do in a land-based casino. Online casino games are solitary affairs with the player solely up against the machine even if other players are, in fact, playing on the same game.

Therefore, for the most part, live casino games give players an air of authenticity when they play rather than the slightly colder atmosphere of a virtual game. Strangely enough, there is a higher margin of error to be made with a real dealer in play as opposed to the tried and tested RNGs. However, for many players, the thrill of the authentic atmosphere is a big part of the live casino appeal.

Why play at a live casino

There are many reasons to play at a live casino rather than an online one.

  1. One of the most obvious reasons is the social aspect of live play. In a live setting, players have the ability to not only converse with the dealer but also with other players as well. This can be done through a live chat function, which serves to bring players a little closer together and create a better gaming atmosphere.
  2. Another important factor is that the live casino is the perfect way to bring the excitement and thrill of the casino into one’s own home. Most players cannot afford to play in a real casino on a regular basis due to cost or travel time. With the live casino players can enjoy the same casino atmosphere whilst sitting comfortably in their own home. Players can also choose when and where they want to play as well.
  3. Live casinos tend to offer tables all the time so there is no need to have to wait around until a seat becomes empty.
  4. As they are generally linked to a regular online casino, live casinos will offer players a number of bonuses as well. These can include instant cash money with which to place bets or they can be match deposit bonuses. They can all help to add to the winning potential of the player.

Live casino bonus

Live casinos usually offer a number of casino bonuses in order to entice players in to play. These can be either in the form of a welcome offer or a loyalty program later on down the line. A common bonus offered is in the form of a match deposit.

Match deposit

This entails the player creating and registering an account and then making a first real money deposit. The casino will then match this deposit, usually at 100%, though the value of how much the casino will match does vary from casino to casino. Some casinos will offer smaller amounts, such as spending 20.00 on a specific live game and then regardless of winning or losing the casino will award the player the same amount again.

No deposit bonus

On rarer occasions the live casino will simply award the player with a small no deposit bonus. This is usually between 10.00 and 20.00 and simply requires the player to have registered an account with the casino. This bonus can usually be used on any game in a way that allows the player to test out a game they might not usually play.


For players that stay with the same casino, there are often further promos. Some casinos offer weekly match deposit bonuses, though these tend to only offer 50% match. Nevertheless, this is still a way to gain some extra money with which to play. Many will continue this on with a number of live casino bonuses that can change each month.

Bonuses tend to come with wagering requirements attached, so players should make note of what is expected of them after the bets have been made. However, there are some live casinos that offer no wagering requirements as part of their bonus deals – players should search these out as these can be more lucrative.

Selection of live games

Live casinos have a widely varying selection of games depending on which casino the player visits and what providers are being used. These selections are usually laid out in game order with all blackjack versions listed together, all roulette versions together etc. Players can also use search functions in order to find a specific game.

Blackjack and roulette

At this time, not all land based casino games are available in live casino form. The most common games available are blackjack and roulette. For the most part, these two games will dominate the live game selection, as there are a wide variety of options in each available. For example, blackjack will be offered in a number of different bet range tables with low betting through to high roller tables. There are also a number of different variants of the game available.

French, American and European Roulette

Roulette is offered in the main forms – French, American and European – which again allow players to make their choices based on game preference. There are also some roulette games on offer that take the live casino aspect even further with the game taking place in a casino rather than a studio room, allowing real players to play alongside their online counterparts.

Baccarat and Texas Hold’em

Baccarat and Texas Hold’em have only more recently become an addition to the live casino world and, as such, not all casinos will offer these. There are other poker variants, such as Casino Hold’em and Three card poker which are slowly making their way to the live casino world.

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Live casinos have a lot of pros when it comes to playing – however, it should be noted by players that these games can only be, for the most part, accessed via a desktop. Currently very few casinos offer the live casino as a mobile option, though this is starting to filter through.

Nevertheless, the live casino makes an enjoyable and accessible way to join in the casino atmosphere without having to leave the comfort of one’s own home, or indeed bed.